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This internet speed test freeware has following features: Timeline to display internet download speed in Mbps. The timeline can be set for 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 12 hours, and 24 hours. Check download speed of Internet connection for a period of time, and log them to create a CSV file. The Top 9 Countries With The Fastest Internet Speeds According to Akamai, most Americans surf the web at 5.8 Mbps, making the U.S. the lucky number 13 on Akamai's list. And which country is the world leader in terms of average connection speed? You'll have to look through the slideshow to find out, but we'll hint that it's been the same country since at least 2007. cheapest Internet in the world Country Wise Price Jio , 2. Airtel 3. Vodafone , 4. Idea or 3. Vodafone-Idea. In India Average Speed 25 Mbps and Max-58 Mbps And Min-1.3 Mbps . In Indian Guys Do not use most Broadband Connection because here is so cheap mobile data. below discuss about all companies data plan . there is official companies data plan and real please trust here , Country Wise Data Country Wireless Speed Test - Internet Speed Test

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