I'm using a docker image as a base for my own development that adds the jessie backports repository in its Dockerfile and uses that to install a dependency. This image uses the following command to

Debian 8 Jessie Dedicated Web Server Setup Step by Step Aug 23, 2015 adduser(8) — adduser — Debian jessie — Debian Manpages adduser [options] user group COMMON OPTIONS¶ [--quiet] [--debug] [--force-badname] [--help|-h] [--version] [--conf FILE] DESCRIPTION¶ adduser and addgroup add users and groups to the system according to command line options and configuration information in /etc/adduser.conf.They are friendlier front ends to the low level tools like useradd, groupadd and usermod programs, by default choosing sources.list(5) — apt — Debian jessie — Debian Manpages The ftp scheme specifies an FTP server for the archive. APT's FTP behavior is highly configurable; for more information see the apt.conf(5) manual page. Please note that an FTP proxy can be specified by using the ftp_proxy environment variable. It is possible to specify an HTTP proxy (HTTP proxy servers often understand FTP URLs) using this environment variable and only this environment variable.

Recent versions of Raspbian have been based on Debian Wheezy (the penguin who’s lost his squeaker in “Toy Story 2”), but Raspbian has now been updated to the new stable version of Debian, which is called Jessie. So what’s new? Many of the changes between Wheezy and Jessie are invisible to the end-user.

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What Debian version are the different Ubuntu versions

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