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Step #4: Select “Use the following DNS server addresses”. After that enter FastestVPN’s DNS server addresses in the fields below which are and respectively. Click on OK. Finally connect FastestVPN and you’ll be all protected against DNS leaks. Enjoy Complete Online Freedom with FastestVPN Speed

This tutorial covers editing DNS records. Go to and click ‘Log In’ Enter your credentials and click ‘Log In’ Click the domain in question Click the DNS app On this page, you will see a list of the DNS records for your domain. This page is where you edit them. You will see the list of records like this: You can click on any of the values there to edit the content of the Types of DNS Entries DNS is used not just for name to address resolution But also for finding mail server, pop server, responsible person, etc for a computer DNS database has multiple types Record type A ⇒ Address of X Record type MX ⇒ Mail exchanger of X CNAME entry = Alias name (like a file link), "see name" May 19, 2018 · The Domain Name Service (DNS) protocol provides a distributed name resolution service. We need DNS because we humans have trouble remembering the numerical IP addresses of computers, so we let the computers running Domain Name Service perform the name lookup, changing a computer's name into the IP addressees computers need to communicate.

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How does DNS work ? Clients use a mechanism called a resolver and ask servers – this is called a query The server being queried will try to find the answer on behalf of the client The server functions recursively, from top (the root) to bottom, until it finds the answer, asking other servers Tutorials – Surfshark Customer Support Tutorials < Back. Applications. How to manually install Surfshark VPN add-on on Firefox browser? Surfshark mini mode on Windows. macOS unstable connection troubleshooting. Linux unstable connection troubleshooting. ★ How to set up Surfshark smart DNS for Apple TV What is DNS? How does DNS work? - Hostinger Tutorials Jun 14, 2019