WINS is not implemented over IPv6. The WINS name is the Hostname in the Name/Domain section on this page. These settings are also used in Job Accounting to display user host names instead of addresses. For more information, see the Job Accounting Help. Primary WINS Server Address - Enter the IP address for the primary WINS name server. A value

WINS - Webopedia Definition Short for Windows Internet Naming Service, WINS is a system that determines the IP address associated with a particular network computer. This is called name resolution. WINS supports network client and server computers running Windows and can provide name resolution for other computers with special arrangements.. Determining the IP Address. Determining the IP address for a computer is a Definition of WINS | PCMag In an IP network, the application queried a WINS or DNS server to turn the name of the machine it wished to communicate with into its IP address. See TCP/IP abc's . THIS DEFINITION IS FOR PERSONAL

How To Configure TCP/IP Networking While NetBIOS Is Turned

Set DNS servers via GPO Server 2012 R2 - WinCert Apr 26, 2015 Wins dictionary definition | wins defined wins definition: Noun 1. plural form of winVerb 2. third-person singular simple present indicative form of win

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