Connect your android to your ps3 via media server( Check

Mar 24, 2013 How to Stream Audio From PC to Android | TechWiser Stream Audio from PC to Android 1. Stream What You Hear. The first in the list, ‘Stream What You Hear’ is streaming server based on DLNA and UPnP. You can use it to stream the media content from your computer to any device which supports DLNA and UPnP. I can use this application to stream the audio to gaming consoles, TV’s, SONOS speakers Bubble UPNP server on RPI B+ Jun 20, 2018 Remote media access with BubbleUPnP - My Cloud - WD Community Make note of the “Public host name” IP address. This is the IP address you will input into the Android Bubble UPnP app “Server address” setting. Make sure to select or enable “Make this Media Server available in BubbleUPnP for Android and foobar2000 for Internet access” and “Create a proxy Media Server on this LAN”.

DLNA / uPnP Server and Clients - Android App Overview

Docs/Connect With | BubbleUPnP Server This only work if your Android device uses a WiFi or Ethernet connection. It means that your UPnP devices on the target LAN (a PS3, a DNLA TV, etc) should be able to see and browse your remote Media Servers. This is UPnP tethering. For example a PS3 accessing to your home Media Server follows this path when issuing commands (browsing, searching Top 5 Best DLNA Streaming Apps For Android BubbleUPnP UPnP/DLNA. It is a number one DLNA streaming app available for Android device. It …

(Update: Many of you have mentioned the super easy-to-use PS3 Media Server in the comments, which is a simple server for Windows and Linux—and, despite its name, supports a ton of different UPnP

android - UPnP MediaServer for stream2android - Stack Overflow I am working on an UPnP implementation for Android. I have downloaded a MediaRenderer code stream2android. I compiled it and it's working fine. Now I want to install a MediaServer. I have few questions. Which MediaServer should I install for stream2android? Has the server to be on an Android device or can I install it on other Linux too?